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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Any groom will be thrown into a panic once he realizes that he's supposed to get gifts for his small posse. Men aren't known to be experts in gift-giving, and there have been cases of men who, before their wedding, have purchased a gift only for their wife-to-be and no one else!

If you know of any panicky future groom, show him this list of unique groomsman gift ideas to help him calm down. They say it's tougher to find gifts for men than for women, but if you know the person and his interests very well, then finding the right groomsmen gift items can be a walk in the park.

Giving the same gifts to your groomsmen - say, a pair of cufflinks or hip flasks - are a tad hackneyed and unimaginative. Well, you'll move a notch higher if you'll have them engraved with their names or initials, but this still doesn't reflect your seriousness in giving them a precious memento of the end of your bachelorhood.

A well-appreciated groomsmen gift idea is to give unique gifts to every man in the group according to his tastes and interests. A guy who's always on the links, for instance, would appreciate groomsmen gift items that have something to do with golf, such as personalized stainless steel tees or a Tiger Woods golf shirt.

The ideal groomsmen gift product for the adventurer in the group would be thankful for a hunter or camper Swiss knife. The sports buff, on the other hand, would flip over tickets to a game.

Sure, you can find hundreds of groomsmen gift items in department stores and online shops, but they'll probably just keep decorative items such as leather paperweights or clocks inside their drawers. The best groomsmen gift ideas are items that they can actually use, or perhaps it's something intangible, such as the gift of experience.

After the honeymoon, the groom can spend some time with the guys camping or spending a weekend in Vegas. If the wife thinks this isn't a brilliant idea, then make this groomsmen gift exclusively for your friends only.

Another unique groomsmen gift idea is to prepare hampers for each one of the groomsmen. These are small wicker baskets filled with goodies, and they'll find that you're putting some thought into the gift if you prepare hampers according to a particular person's interests or favorites.

A metrosexual would perhaps cherish a groomsmen gift pack containing some of his favorite grooming accessories. You can include an exfoliant, a tanning lotion, hair gel, and an aftershave cologne.

The couch potato would be grateful for a hamper of wine, cheese samplers, and his favorite TV snacks. The budding chef, on the other hand, can be given groomsmen gift items such as a recipe book, grilling sauces, an apron or toque with a humorous quote on it, and some useful kitchen utensils.

Another groomsmen gift item that they would surely appreciate are magazine subscriptions. You can't go wrong with them! Instead of picking out a groomsmen gift item which could likely be tossed away after the wedding or sold at a garage sale, the mag subscription would last a year and will definitely be put to use.

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